We are the best cash home buying company in the USA, we deliver a seamless cash home buying service that is considered to be the best in the industry. We provide simple solutions that guarantee an easy exchange of real estate for cash. All that messy paperwork that is normally connected with selling a home is simplified so we make you a cash bid that you will be happy with and you can accept and we take it from there.

We buy homes in any condition so if you have been left a home in a will and you don’t have the money to renovate it and get it sold then we can buy the home off you at a fair price “as is”. No having to deal with if the home has major problems and letting the property sit on the real estate market for months and even years .We will come and survey the home and figure out the work that will be needed to make it a safe home that is easy to sell. We will then work out our costs of what it will take to get it to that selling stage, it might be tens of thousands of dollars worth of work. We then give you a survey price of the work that’s needed and what the home is worth at this point for cash. If you like our offer then we can do a deal that day and take the property off your hands and have the cash sent to a bank account of your choice.

Real estate can be a fantastic thing but also a very expensive thing to own and maintain. Mortgage payments keep coming every month and if you have had the misfortune of being laid off from work then we know that those payments can get tougher and tougher to meet. Soon the banks letters start to come in the mail to say you are late and next thing you know they are trying to take your home. Don’t be a victim to foreclosure; we have the knowledge to make sure you walk away from your home with a cash offer. We look at what you have already paid in to the property and what its worth at market price. We then make you an offer that will be more than fair.

We understand you probably have many questions about our service and it all starts with a simple conversation with one of our members of staff here at UAC Homes. We will set up an appointment as soon as you call to send one of or home survey experts out to see the type of cash offer you can get.

  • We have helped home owners in Florida walk away from their homes 25% better off.
  • Our home cash buyers in Georgia, on average make a cash sale that is way beyond their expectations.
  • In California on average we have helped homeowners walk away from being foreclosed upon with a great cash sale.